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Do You Need Policies, Terms, and Fine Print for Your Website?

No one reads the fine print, so I don’t need to include them on my website, right? Not so fast... Although most people breeze right by these things and hastily click “accept,” taking the time to figure out what disclaimers you need on your site is extremely serious. Even if you run a small to [...]

Do You Need Policies, Terms, and Fine Print for Your Website?2021-04-25T16:05:41-07:00

20 Strategies to Revitalize Your Small Business During This Pandemic, or Anytime!

How Your Small Business Can Survive and Thrive During COVID I’ve been a web designer and internet marketer for over 17 years. I thought I had seen everything—the formidable challenges of the 2008 Recession, the intense demands of a global marketplace, and the fast-changing technologies and brilliant ideas that continuously re-shape our online world. I [...]

20 Strategies to Revitalize Your Small Business During This Pandemic, or Anytime!2021-03-02T17:38:18-07:00

About Safe Images and Photos for Your Website

How Using Copyrighted Photos and Images on Your Website Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars in Legal Fees By Charlotte Howard If you are marketing online with a website, Facebook page, emails, or countless other advertising platforms, you naturally want to use quality photos and images to highlight your products and services to attract [...]

About Safe Images and Photos for Your Website2021-10-06T14:44:42-07:00

Is it Time to Redesign Your Website?

First Impressions When a person visits your website, within seconds they determine (even if it’s just a feeling and even if it's wrong) a few things about you and your business: The Quality of your products and services Your Trustworthiness If you Care Your website is you! Your website is a direct reflection of you [...]

Is it Time to Redesign Your Website?2020-03-07T10:49:47-07:00

Website Design Referral Program

Welcome to my Website Design Referral Program A little about me I have been designing websites for over 17 years and have over 350 projects to date. I work primarily in WordPress and specialize in gorgeous, elegant, clean, organized websites for small to medium-sized businesses. My clients are located all over the United States [...]

Website Design Referral Program2020-11-30T13:35:39-07:00

The Nature of Web Design

Good web design is a process. Designing a great website, one that provides a good user experience and converts well, involves professional skills. It takes time. It includes experience from our team and your valuable input. This creative collaboration addresses color palette, logos, photographs and graphics, layout and structure, SEO, connecting your website with [...]

The Nature of Web Design2020-02-13T10:36:37-07:00

GDPR – What Is It and Are You Prepared?

GDPR -- General Data Protection Regulation You have been hearing about this issue for months now. You may also have noticed that you are getting "Privacy Policy" change notices in your email from different companies fairly often. This is all because of the GDPR. It went into effect May 25th, 2018. What is it? To [...]

GDPR – What Is It and Are You Prepared?2020-02-13T10:37:42-07:00

Exciting New Services for Your Website!

Site Speed Service - How much money are you loosing because your website is slow? Speed matters! Your site should be optimized to load FAST on any device. Large images, long complicated pages, and complex code can all slow down your site. People will NOT wait for your pages to load. This Site Speed [...]

Exciting New Services for Your Website!2020-01-25T08:25:43-07:00

The BEST WordPress Hosting

Hosting - You Get What You Pay For. I have worked with many hosting companies over the past 10 years or so. What have I experienced? Slow sites. Routinely being placed on hold for the "next available agent" for over an hour when I need support. Inexperienced or unhelpful support techs. Websites being "down" [...]

The BEST WordPress Hosting2020-02-13T10:38:33-07:00

Are You Ready for a New Website?

Building a professional new website is a lot of work. It helps keep costs down if you are organized and ready to get started when you hire your professional website designer. Here is a handy list that may help you determine what you have ready and what you still need before you begin your project. Basic Business [...]

Are You Ready for a New Website?2020-02-13T10:39:20-07:00


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