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My Thoughts on Web Design Myths

With over 12 years of experience, 300+ websites and lots of clients, I have heard a few things over the years and I got me some opinions. These are some of my favorites: Skimming vs Reading You might have heard that people don't read web pages, they scan them. That might be true at [...]

My Thoughts on Web Design Myths2020-02-13T10:41:06-07:00

15 Elements of a Great Web Page

A great web page is a joy to read. It doesn’t overwhelm with paragraph after paragraph of plain boring text. It is well-formatted, informative, and has a clear reason for existing. It does not waste peoples’ time. If your web page is formatted well, your visitors will stay on your page and read it, [...]

15 Elements of a Great Web Page2020-02-13T10:11:58-07:00

What is Your Marketing Strategy?

Now that you have a website (or even before you do), how are you going to get people to it? Here are some ways to expand your internet presence and grow your business: Content Building Google loves websites that are active and useful to their customers. Perform keyword phrase research to get ideas about what [...]

What is Your Marketing Strategy?2020-02-13T10:42:11-07:00

Design for Your People

Some thoughts on what makes a great website... Don't get in the way. Everything on every web page should have a purpose. Be thoughtful about your photos, text, ads, sidebars, and calls-to-action. Your pages should flow well. Too many distractions = poor usability = less sales. More is not necessarily better. You need enough content [...]

Design for Your People2020-02-13T10:42:01-07:00
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