Building a professional new website is a lot of work.

It helps keep costs down if you are organized and ready to get started when you hire your professional website designer.

Here is a handy list that may help you determine what you have ready and what you still need before you begin your project.

Basic Business Information

  1. Your Contact Information
  2. Name of Business
  3. Contact Information for business (street address, biz phone, biz email if you have it already)
  4. Tagline or Motto
  5. Domain Name
  6. Gmail account for business
  7. Is this a new business or a re-design of an existing website? Provide URL.
  8. Is business local or global?

Your Customer Profile(s)

  1. Describe your Perfect Customers – gender, age, location, race if applicable, their problem/issue/need/want
  2. What do you think your customers might be typing into Google to find your products or services? Think keywords.
  3. Where do your clients “hang out” on the internet? FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, etc…

Business Assets

  1. Do you have or need a logo?
  2. Describe your business
  3. List your services
  4. Are you selling YOU? If so, provide BIO.
  5. List products with variables and prices
  6. Do you have professional photos of products/services?
  7. Do you want to sell online? If so, how will you handle tax and shipping?
  8. What are your policies? (privacy, cancellation, shipping rates, refunds, exchanges, etc…)
  9. Why should people choose your products or services?
  10. How are you different/better than your competition?
  11. Do you have testimonials or reviews?
  12. List 5 competitors and their websites


  1. Do you need a professional Hosting recommendation?
  2. Do you need Keyword Phrase Research or Competitive Intelligence?
  3. Do you need Social Media accounts set up?
  4. Do you need an Email Marketing System set up?
  5. Do you need other marketing materials, such as photography, business cards, rack cards, brochures, banners, etc?
  6. Do you need WordPress Training, so you can work on your new website yourself after it is published?

Getting Help

Even if you have nothing ready, it is a good idea to consult with your professional web designer about your ideas and goals. They can provide expert advice and direction if you have questions or need help making the best decisions for you business.

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