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Should you do it?

E-mail Marketing can be MORE profitable than your web site.

Communicating with people who want to hear from you via e-mail is a standard marketing tool that most businesses should use.

You can’t expect your customers to keep going to your web site regularly to see what’s new in your business. You must go to them  — with their permission.

If your customers freely give you their e-mail address, it’s because they want to be notified if you have new products and services to offer, sales, and any other kinds of relevant news. Newsletters, targeted e-mails and auto-responders directly contact your eager customers and remind them that your business is ready to serve them. Don’t let this opportunity slip away.

You are probably getting e-mail messages, auto-responders and newsletters in your inbox everyday. Are you noticing how handy and effective they are, the one’s that you signed up to receive?

What is Your Purpose?

Here are a few ways to use E-mail Marketing for your business:

You can use your e-mail marketing system for multiple purposes, whenever you need to talk to your customers.

Communicate information. Perhaps you’re moving from a home office to a store front and you want your customers to know the new address. E-mail is a quick, easy notification tool.

Educate. You may have read (or written) a great blog entry recently about how your industry will drastically change in the next six months. By sending this important information directly to your customers, you become a resource, not just a supplier.

News, events. Your business may open a new office and you plan a meet-and-greet. You may have a charity fundraiser to fight cancer, donate toys for the holidays, benefit a nonprofit organization or help a political candidate. E-mail can send the details, maybe even a map of the location, straight to your customers.

New products, sales, promotions. You can easily inform your entire customer base about a sale, new products or special promotions instantly; you don’t have to hope that they see a print ad in a newspaper or magazine, a billboard or a flyer. You may be overstocked with a product that will soon be discontinued. You can use e-mail to offer a special discount for those customers who act quickly. You can use e-mail to track who responds to what type of e-mail marketing efforts you implement.

New services. You can use e-mail to test new online services. By e-mailing your 100 best customers, you’re likely to get lots of responses and feedback about a new real-world service your company plans to offer to your entire customer base. You can also use e-mail to send to potential customers on the fence.

Employee or client profiles. Maybe you’ve hired a new employee or promoted someone from sales to customer relations. Possibly you want to bring some business to a client partner. Perhaps one of your customers was so thankful for your company’s help that they wrote you a stellar testimonial. You can send all of this to your customers in a newsletter to illustrate what your business is capable of providing.

Drive traffic to landing pages. If your website is moving a little slow, you can bring your customers back to your website with an e-mail. An e-mail blast at just the right time can bring traffic to a specific page on a website, such as a blog, new product page, or a sales letter page. Your targeted e-mail can stimulate interest while the landing page seals the deal and makes the sale.

Inspirations, case studies, testimonials. If your business is one that depends on customer reviews, word-of-mouth, or testimonials, bulk e-mail can convey this information quickly and directly. An e-mail can describe a new service and your five best customer reviews. If you have a product new on the market that your customers are uncertain of, a list of case studies from an industry source can be condensed into an easy-to-read e-mail and boost confidence.

The possibilities for e-mail marketing are endless.

Your Email Marketing Goals

  1. To stay relevant, focused and helpful. The worst thing you can do is waste peoples’ time.
  2. To always be increasing the size of your list with quality contacts.
  3. To always be increasing your email open-rate by using juicy subject lines that deliver on their promise.
  4. To always be increasing your click-through-rate by writing quality emails that drive people to the correct pages on your website.
  5. To always be increasing the conversions from these click-throughs, whether they be phone calls or purchases.

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