Now that you have a website (or even before you do), how are you going to get people to it?

Here are some ways to expand your internet presence and grow your business:

Content Building

Google loves websites that are active and useful to their customers. Perform keyword phrase research to get ideas about what your clients are looking for. Write helpful, entertaining, or inspiring posts for humans based on research. Write articles that other websites might link to (link bait). Consider guest posting and linking opportunities on other websites. Use Competitive Intelligence to see where your competitors are getting their links. Submit press releases to online distribution networks.

In-person Networking

Join professional groups. Attend networking functions. Hand out business cards that have your website address on them. Encourage people to sign-up to be on your mailing list.

Social Media

Determine the best social media platforms for your business needs and capabilities. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are some to explore. There are many others. Think about where “your people” are and remember there are only so many hours in a day to participate and build relationships. Whichever platforms you choose, research how to use them well for business.

Print Media

Distribute rack cards, posters, brochures, display banners, etc.. Submit press releases to the local paper. Write columns.

Consider Radio, Theaters, TV

Get interviewed. Place ads.


Volunteering your business services or your time for a good cause gets you around other professionals who appreciate your skills/time/commitment and may reward you with their business or referrals. Oftentimes, there may be advertising opportunities given to sponsors.

Keep Track

Make sure you have a way to track your marketing dollar. When people call you, ask them how they found you or how they heard about you. Use unique web pages, phone numbers or email addresses to track leads. Create unique offers for each advertising campaign. If your new client was referred to you by someone else, reach out to that person with a Big Thank You. Nurture that relationship.


Keep an eye on your website statistics. Notice what pages are visited the most. Make sure they are stellar. Examine pages with a fast bounce and explore ways to increase the time visitors spend on these pages.


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