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Are You Struggling to Write Your Own Website Content?

We’re Here to Rescue You!

It’s hard enough running your own business, but it can quickly become a terrible burden if you’re also trying to write your own website content and other essential marketing materials. Meanwhile you’ve lost valuable time, untold sales, and the ability to focus on other important business matters.

You have many talents, but being a professional writer may not be one of them. And even if you do get around to tackling the writing, it won’t be nearly as effective as the content we can write for you in a much shorter time frame.

There’s an even bigger reason why you shouldn’t write your own content…

You’ve Forgotten How Unique Your Business Really Is.

You’re so busy working hard doing all the special things you take for granted, you forget that your business is extraordinary. None of your competitors do business like you do.  So even though nobody knows your business better, that’s exactly why you shouldn’t write your own content.

We Take the Burden Off Your Shoulders

Freelance Writers Dot US is a real family of three American SEO content writers with a total of 60 years as professional writers. We have extensive experience in many industries including:

Real Estate Development, Healthcare, Medical & Dental
Nutrition & Wellness, Alternative Healing, Hospitality & Hotels
Travel & Tourism, Immigration Law, Online Education
Software, Building Materials & Construction Trades

Helping Businesses Grow & Prosper

We are partial to smaller businesses, because we write best when we enjoy close, collaborative relationships with owners and decision makers. We work passionately to create original high-quality SEO content that attracts and engages your best prospects, educates and excites them, and compels them to become customers.

Talent, Curiosity & Fresh Eyes

Our award-winning content writers look at your business with fresh eyes. We ask many questions during our initial “discovery” meetings with you.

We need to know what you’re passionate about, what you’re proud of, what sets you apart, who your best prospects are, what your customers appreciate most about you, and how you want prospective customers to think about you. It’s pure, creative brainstorming, and it’s quite exciting.

Armed with great information and new insights about you and your business, we begin writing the unique, compelling story that is you and your business. Your special story is your “brand,” and everything we write for you will reflect your “brand voice.”

Guess What You’ll Be Doing While We Write Your Content

ANYTHING you want! You can focus more on your business or, better yet, take a day off.

This isn’t our first rodeo. We don’t need much time to go from our first draft of content to a final version approved by you.

Breathe a Sigh of Relief!

Now you can save time, stop worrying, and never be troubled with doing your own writing again. Our Freelance Writers team is here to dazzle your audience and inspire them to buy. Together we’ll steadily grow your business.


Contact Francesca Yates by phone—(803) 708-3100—or by email. Discover how easy it is to work with a professional writer and build the business of your dreams. (Please let me know Charlotte Howard sent you!)

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