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Your website is an online reflection of your business. It might even be your whole business. If it isn’t performing, perhaps your need a new one.

A word of caution

Redesigning an existing website must be done carefully. Major damage to your online presence can occur if your new designer has no SEO knowledge. Significant drops in traffic, reduced search engine exposure, broken in-coming links, high-performing web pages lost forever in an instant. It happens all the time.

Know who you are hiring – know what you are getting

Believe it or not, having a web designer and your SEO in the same person is a rare thing. Most designers do not have comprehensive SEO skills and most SEOs have little artistic ability. Neither person is right or wrong. You just need to have realistic expectations about who you are hiring to re-design your website. It is your job to make sure you are educated enough to hire the right people to work on your project. Redesigning your website is supposed to make it better – more productive, and more profitable – not ruin it.

Redesign your Sedona website to stay competitive and improve its performance

Some people in the industry say the average life span of a website is about 2 years before it starts to look dated. We think if it is designed well and created with growth in mind, your website can last much longer.

Preserve value by redesigning carefully

Our SEO knowledge will protect your web presence from harm. All websites need to be redesigned sooner or later. Rest assured that we will be careful and thoughtful during this delicate process. We know exactly what to do and what NOT to do as we improve your website.

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