One of the things I love about WordPress is anyone can work on it. It just takes a little training.

WP Training = Freedom = Money Saved

Imagine having the freedom to change prices on your website whenever you want, or add new pages and blog posts in the middle of the night. Or, adding new products, testimonials and images right away, instead of having to wait for your web designer (like me) to get to it.

Sound good? After your website is built, we can train you to make simple edits to your WordPress website over the phone. We can also support you over the phone when you forget how to do something or want to learn how to do something new.

Training can also happen mid-project. Let’s say we are designing a large website for you with dozens and dozens of blog posts or products. Once certain actions become repetitive, they can be delegated to you. This is a perfect time for training, using real tasks that need to be done, for practice. For example, If you have 50 posts, I can organize the categories and build out 5 posts, then train you to populate the rest. This is a GREAT way to save money, if you have the time.

NOTE – Some of the more advanced design elements may be too complicated for training. So, you may still depend on your web designer for certain tasks.


PhotoShop is THE photo editing program professionals use all over the world. Its design capabilities are  INFINITELY vast. I have worked in PhotoShop everyday – all day – for over 12 years. I can train you to create unique imagery for your website and print materials. Having PS installed on your computer is a pre-requisite.

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