When a person visits your website, within seconds they can determine (even if it’s just a feeling) a few things about you and your business:

  1. The Quality of your services and products
  2. Your Trustworthiness
  3. If you Care

Your website is a direct reflection of you and your business. If it has sub-standard photos, old content, broken links, incorrect information, is not mobile-friendly, has an out-dated design or Flash, it reflects poorly on your business standards and may be costing you valuable leads and paying clients. How can people trust your services and products if you can’t even take care of your own website?

You should be proud of your website. It should look fantastic, load fast, be organized and easy to read. It should convey quality, professionalism, and trust within seconds. It should be a pleasure for potential clients to view and answer their questions in an efficient manner. It should showcase the quality of your amazing work. It shouldn’t waste their time.

Your website can also save your administrative staff time with thoughtfully written text that “pre-screens” the clients you want to work with, thereby reducing precious hours on the phone.

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So, ask yourself:

Is your website working for you?

Is it bringing you good leads and paying customers?

If so, do you want more?

If not, do you want to discuss some options on how to make your website more productive?

Contact Us to schedule a complementary review of your current website and your business goals.

If your website is already in pretty good shape, but is just not as profitable as you would like, please give us the opportunity to perform an SEO Audit, free of charge. Is there business to be had in the search engines in your industry? Very likely! Call Charlotte today to discuss your options. (928) 300-9147