Site Speed Service – How much money are you loosing because your website is slow?

Speed matters! Your site should be optimized to load FAST on any device. Large images, long complicated pages, and complex code can all slow down your site. People will NOT wait for your pages to load. This Site Speed Service is required if you want to lower your bounce rate and increase your leads and sales. Please call us at (928) 300-9147 for more information.

Other New Services:

SEO Launch Pack

There are so many little things that need to be done after your site launches to optimize it for search, that we decided to create a package that makes sure all critical SEO tasks are completed. This pack includes keyword research, competitive intelligence, on-page SEO, sitemaps, Google properties and more. This is a critical service if you are expecting to get business from the search engines. Please call us at (928) 300-9147 for more information.

Maintenance Plans

Ideally, your website shouldn’t be static. You should be adding and freshening up your content and SEO regularly. You also need to make sure security updates are taking place throughout the month. We have several Maintenance Plans available to assist you with the on-going tasks all WordPress websites need. Please call us at (928) 300-9147 to discuss your options.

Need an AMAZING website?

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