I love WordPress because…

It’s not proprietary

Anyone can work on WP sites. And WordPress websites can be moved. You are not “locked into” a certain platform, designer, or program. You can OWN your website and choose any designer or programmer you want to work on it. Do-It-Yourself websites like GoDaddy Builder, WIX, or Weebly, as well as companies that have created proprietary systems are not websites that you own, and they cannot be moved. Issues frequently arise when it is time to upgrade your site, or your business has “outgrown” the beginner website you started with. You almost always have to start over.

No programs required

You don’t need to buy programs like DreamWeaver to work on WordPress websites.

Easy to learn

Basic WordPress functions are fairly easy to learn. The content editor is similar to Microsoft Word. Many WordPress themes offer “code-less” features, support documentation and help files for more advanced editing.

Lots of bells and whistles

WordPress can be infinitely customized with all kinds of plugins and widgets. The feature and function possibilities are endless (and can be overwhelming!).


It takes a professional to set things up properly and design a sophisticated, professional WordPress website. Some design aspects are complex and require an experienced designer (like me!) to build. Also, being able to read code is very important for customizing and troubleshooting.

Updates and maintenance required

WordPress is not a “build-it-and-forget-it” website. It must be cared for and maintained.

3 things must stay up-to-date:

  • The WordPress version
  • Your theme
  • All plugins

These 3 issues are not synchronized. Updates happen randomly and often. Sometimes something becomes obsolete, broken, or there are conflicts. Your web designer can help you with these issues.

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