GDPR – What Is It and Are You Prepared?

GDPR -- General Data Protection Regulation You have been hearing about this issue for months now. You may also have noticed that you are getting "Privacy Policy" change notices in your email from different companies fairly often. This is all because of the GDPR. It went into effect May 25th, 2018. What is it? To [...]

GDPR – What Is It and Are You Prepared?2020-02-13T10:37:42-07:00

Are You Ready for a New Website?

Building a professional new website is a lot of work. It helps keep costs down if you are organized and ready to get started when you hire your professional website designer. Here is a handy list that may help you determine what you have ready and what you still need before you begin your project. Basic Business [...]

Are You Ready for a New Website?2020-02-13T10:39:20-07:00

Training in WordPress and Photoshop

One of the things I love about WordPress is anyone can work on it. It just takes a little training. WP Training = Freedom = Money Saved Imagine having the freedom to change prices on your website whenever you want, or add new pages and blog posts in the middle of the night. Or, [...]

Training in WordPress and Photoshop2020-02-13T10:40:11-07:00


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